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Bali Wood Carving

Bali winged Mermaid Goddess Sisters Ornament Carved Wood Set 3 Balinese Art


Balinese Buddha Mudra Hands Sculpture statue wood carving Bali Art set 2


Hand Carved Wood Ladies Bust - Bali - Signed


Dewi Sri Goddess Mobile Flying Demon Chaser Carved Wood Bali Folk art teal 8"


Bali Abstract Mask Wood Carving Bali Wall Decor Art


PAIR Vintage Wood Relief Wall Plaque Sculpture Hand Carved Man & Woman Bali 9"


Balinese Architectural Panel Relief Dragon Boat, Bali Wall Art. Hand carved wood


BUDDHA Mudra HANDS wood carving Bali Art Jewelry Display Sculpture 5.5"


VINTAGE BALI WOOD CARVING WALL PLAQUE 11 3/4" x 23 3/4" Battling Gods


Balinese Barong Mask Guardian Monkey Topeng Demon Bali Wall Art carved wood blac


Double Fish Panel carved wood Balinese architectural Bali Asian Wall Art Blue


Bali Indonesian Demon Guardian Temple Hand Carved Wood Wall Hanging


Balinese Lotus Panel architectural Wood Carving Relief Bali wall Art Teal 24"


Balinese Mermaid Sea Goddess Mirror Hand carved wood Bali folk art Teal 12"


Bali Flying Dewi Sri Goddess Ornament Guardian carved Wood Set 2 Balinese Art


Balinese Ganesha Mask Elephant God Guardian Hand carved wood Bali Hindu wall art


Ramayana Rama Sinta Panel hand carved wood architectural wall Bali art 38"L


Balinese architectural Panel relief Dragon Boat carved wood Wall art Bali


Balinese Mermaid Relief Panel Bali architectural Hand Carved Wood Bali Art 20"


Winged Spirit Chaser Mermaid Elephant Dragon ornament Carved Wood Bali art Set 5


Mermaid Architectural Relief Panel Hand Carved Wood Bali Wall Art Red 24"


Bali Mermaid Relief Panel Hand carved wood Balinese Architectural Wal


Balinese Lotus architectural Panel carved wood Bali wall Art architectural 38"L


Balinese Mermaid Panel Goddess carved wood Bali Wall architectural Art right 40"


Hand Carved signed Bali Meditation Wood Statue


Cosmic Dragon Naga Panel Whitewash Rustic carved wood Bali Wall Art Right 39"


Balinese Mermaid Relief Panel Carved Wood Goddess Bali folk Wall Art Left Green


Beautifully Wood Carved Balinese Art Sculpture Bali Woman w/Removable Lotus 13"


Lg 16in Wood Bali Hand Carved Lizard Komodo Dragon (A) Artistic Detail FREE SHIP


Bali Hand Carved Mulyani Crocodile Wood Statue of Two Busts Excellent Condition


Balinese Buddha Garden Abstract Mask Wood Carving Bali Wall Decor Art 9"


Balinese Screaming Demon Mask Tattoo Bali Wall Art hand carved wood Beige 9.5"




Balinese Door Lintel Arch Architectural Panel traditional Carved Wood Bali Art


Pair of Buddha Mudra Hands Sculpture Lotus statue wood carving Bali Art 10" L


Balinese Silence Buddha Mask Bali Vintage style Wall Art hand carved w


Balinese Mermaid Hand Carved Wood Architectural Panel Bali Wall Art left 24"


Balinese Mask Green Goddess Bali Wood Carving Hand painted Wall Art 9.5"


AA FATIMAH Sculpture HAND Carved Wood Bust of Beautiful Bali Woman 14 + inches!!


Balinese Nude Women Statue Sculpture Abstract Wood Carving Mas Bali Art 11"


Laughing Prosperity Buddha Statue Wood Carving Bali Art 8"