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Altec Preamplifier

Altec 353a Stereo High Fidelity Integrated Power Amplifier/Preamplifier Tube 6L6


Vintage Altec 438A Tube Compressor Amplifier (Mic Preamp)


Pair of Grommes 56PG 56-PG Integrated Amplifiers 6V6 output & 12AX7 preamp tubes


Handmade Altec Hollywood Transformer Tube Phono Preamplifier RCA 12AU7 12AX7 6X5


1588B ALTEC Replacement micropone preamplifier


Western Electric Altec Transformer Tube Phono Preamplifier MC Stepup ECC82 ECC83


Altec 445A Stereo Preamplifier Amplifier Amp Original Factory Owner's Manual


ALTEC-LANSING ADVERTISING BROCHURE vintage electronics preamps speakers + 1965


Altec Attenuator A Curve Stereo 30 Step Volume Tube Preamplifier Power Amplifier


300B Single-Ended Altec Tube Phono Integrated Amplifier Preamplifier + Power Amp


Pair of Altec Model 1578A Transistor Preamplifiers Plug in Modules


Original Vintage Altec 1588C Mic Preamp Operating Instructions (A3)


Rare Orig Factory Altec 1588C Microphone Preamplifier Dealer Sheet Page


Orig Altec Lansing 1700C Mixer Preamplifier System Owner's Instruction Manual


Original Altec 1579B Equalized & 1588B Mic Preamp Operating Instructions (A3)


Altec Lansing 458A Plug In Preamplifier Amp Original Factory Owner's Manual


Altec 1579B 1588B MIC Preamplifier Operating / Instruction Manual *Original*


Original Vtg Altec Model 1579C 1588B Equalized Mic Preamp Spec. Sheet (A3)


Altec 355a Preamp/ Power Amp Ad from 1960,very rare!


Original Vtg Altec Model 1579B 1588B Equalized Mic Preamp Spec. Sheet (A3)


Original Vtg Altec Model 458A Plug In Preamplifier Operating Instructions (A3)


Original Vtg Altec Model 1566A Preamp Preamplifier Specification Sheet (A3)


Original Vtg Altec Model 1588C Microphone Preamplifier Specification Sheet (A3)